When They Find Her

A tragic death, an unplanned cover-up, and the bid to find out what really happened before the body is found.

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When They Find Her


Lia Middleton

Standalone or series


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Why I picked this

I liked the description. It sounded like a straightforward thriller with potential.

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Thank you to the author, publishers Michael Joseph and NetGalley for access to an advance review ebook. This is an honest and voluntary review.

What it’s about

Naomi is delighted to have her four-year-old daughter staying with her overnight for the first time in years. A mistake meant she’d lost custody and she’s been desperate to prove to her ex-husband that he can trust her with their daughter. But, when the night ends in tragedy Naomi doesn’t know how to face reality and admit that her ex might have been right all along. So, she tells a lie and reports her daughter missing.


It’s a brave move to tell the reader right from the start who covered up the tragic death at the start of the story, but When They Find Her manages to keep the story engaging and still deliver a reveal which pays off.

The tension comes as the pressure mounts. With police involvement and media attention someone is going to discover the truth eventually. Can Naomi remember what really happened before they find her?

The opening chapters of this book delivers a dark story very well. Everything we know about what happens and what led to Naomi losing custody is from Naomi’s perspective, and she is quickly established to be an unreliable narrator. It shows the skill of the author that I had a great deal of sympathy for Naomi even as she compounded bad decisions with more lies.

The whole truth, when it emerges, had me rethinking much of the early discoveries and it all stood up well. An excellent thriller which I started and finished in one night.


Rating: 4 out of 5.
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