The Rising Tide

A fast-paced, twist-filled thrill ride of a read

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The Rising Tide


Sam Lloyd

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The impactful cover image.

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Thank you to the author, publishers Bantam Press and online book club Pigeonhole for access to read this book for free. This is an honest and voluntary review.

What it’s about

Lucy’s family yacht is found floating abandoned and damaged on the sea. Nobody is onboard, but as the storm of a century approaches fears begin to rise that one or more of Lucy’s family was on board.


Lucy and Daniel are living a great life on the coast. Billie, Lucy’s daughter from a student fling, is a well-adjusted and passionate environmentalist looking forward to entering the next chapter of our life as she plans to leave home. Fin, Lucy and Daniel’s son together, is funny, quirky and creative and a much loved heart to their family.

It’s why Lucy can’t bring herself to believe anything is wrong when their family yacht is recovered having been cast adrift at sea. As the storm of the century brews, Lucy hopes against hope that none of her family was onboard.

But, there’s more to Lucy and Daniel’s story than first appears. And, as the police get involved, Detective Inspector Abraham Rose begins to question what is really going on. DI Rose is living with his own ticking clock, and is determined to discover the truth at any cost.

This is a really engaging story. The plotting meant it wasn’t always easy to like Lucy, seeds of doubt are planted at regular intervals about what she really knows, but the extremes of what she goes through meant that I couldn’t help but imagine myself in her shoes at points.

Abraham was a great character though and it’s a shame that this is a standalone book, he’d have made a great series detective. Especially if he’d teamed up with the 70+ Bibi Trixibelle Carter, a witness Abraham interviews and really hits it off with. I would love to have seen more of their dynamic.

The storm which overshadows much of the action of the book is wonderfully depicted. I could almost hear the wind whistling and the waves crashing at point, and it really upped the ante of the story.

Overall a brilliant read.


Rating: 4 out of 5.
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