The House Guest

An engaging thriller which skirts the edges of unbelievability, but the pace kept me on board for the whole ride.

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The House Guest


Charlotte Northedge

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What it’s about

Kate is looking for her sister, instead she finds a family willing to take her in. But, is everything as perfect as it looks? What do they really want from her?


Kate moves to London looking for her sister. Instead she finds Della, a charismatic author and TV personality who welcomes Kate into her home and her life. Picking her out of all the ‘Janes’ – a group of 20-something blondes all looking for direction in their lives – Della makes Kate feel special. But, is there an ulterior motive? Well, of course there is, what kind of psychological thriller would it be if everything was as it appeared on the surface?

I swithered over whether to give this three or four stars. There are times when the storyline goes a bit too far for its own good – think American soap opera-esque levels of double lives, family secrets and conspiracies. But, actually I think it’s a book where you just have to give yourself over to the ride, and accept that within the world the author has created this is all believable.

While the Della character is at times one dimensional, the Kate character holds things together. She avoids being too  passive while still believably finding herself trapped in a situation spiralling out of her control. Overall, a fun read, at times over the top, but always compelling to keep me reading to find out what was really going on.


Rating: 4 out of 5.
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