The Good Neighbour

A chillling, thrilling and fast-paced read – more of this kind of thing please.

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The Good Neighbour


R.J. Parker

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The blurb drew me in. It sounded like a creepy thriller of exactly the type that would appeal to someone who grew up on Point Horror and Stephen King.

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Thank you to the author, publishers One More Chapter and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in advance of publication. This is an honest and voluntary review.

What it’s about

When Leah has a car accident on a busy stretch of road she’s relieved that the polite man in the nearby house is so helpful and understanding. But, when she returns the next day to say thank you she discovers the place is surrounded by police who greet her with the news that the only resident of the house is a woman who was murdered the night before. The man Leah met was in all likelihood her killer.


A fantastic, gripping thriller. I was pulled in from the beginning and finished this in one day. In the main bad guy, Martin Tate, The Good Neighbour has a brilliantly twisted yet implacably self-assured serial killer. He’s just threatening enough to be sinister, while remaining calm and almost reasonable in the face of his victim’s terror.

The whole book plays with tensions and emotions in a very skilful way. Leah’s initial car crash is violent and disruptive, and the presence of the body of the stag she knocked down at the side of the road over the coming days leave a sense of the hangover of her initial distress. The vague feeling of distrust and uncertainty over all of the characters, as we never quite trust anyone’s motives. That Martin often comes across as the most honest and forthright of the characters is very telling.

The uncertainty just ramps up as we realise that Martin may have been steps ahead of Leah all along.

A chilling, thrilling and fast-paced read – more of this kind of thing please.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
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