The Every

Can one person take a stand against a company which runs everything?

Book title

The Every


Dave Eggers

Standalone or series

Series (number two)

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Why I picked this

I liked the low level dystopian future vibes I got from the blurb.

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Thank you to the author, publisher Hamish Hamilton, and online book club The Pigeonhole for the chance to read this. This is an honest and voluntary review.

What it’s about

The Every runs everything. Delaney is determined to wake up the human race to the freedoms they are giving up by taking on the giant corporation from the inside.


This is a sequel to book turned movie The Circle, but I neither read nor watched that and I was able to appreciate this as a standalone book.

The Every is a global monopoly. Born from a major search engine mixed with a major online shopping platform turned smart appliances producer, it impacts one every part of people’s lives.

Delaney and her friend Wes reject this idea, living with the Trogs, homes which have rejected smart technology and invasive camera and audio recording devices. They want to fix it from the inside so Delaney sets out to get a job with The Every. Her aim is to find a weakness from within and take it down.

Set in the near future the novel makes no attempt to hide the massive tax-avoiding organisations it is talking about. At times I worried that the messages were being laboured too much, and the heavy-handed nudge nudge nature of the links to modern living were going to make me give up on the book. But, the author managed to keep me from the brink of a did not finish result because at the same time as more extreme examples were being put forward of how human beings would sacrifice privacy and free will for convenience, the scenarios were all too realistic.

It’s a clever novel. At times to clever for its own good. But, it is also an interesting premise, and if all it does is prompt thinking twice the next time you are trying to decide whether to order online from ‘the jungle’ or shop local, then it’s definitely worth reading.


Rating: 4 out of 5.
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