The Devil’s Advocate

So good I bought it three times!

Book title

The Devil’s Advocate


Steve Cavanagh

Standalone or series

Series. Book 6 or 7 (depending on whether you count a novella) in the Eddie Flynn series.

First time reading this author?


Why I picked this

I’ve loved all the Eddie Flynn series, so pre-ordered this as soon as I could.

Review copy or purchase

This one is so good I bought it three times! First pre-ordered on Kindle as soon as that was possible, then pre-ordered a signed hardback copy from Waterstones (my new office/reading room demands more physical books), then because my dog wanted walked while I wanted to read on I bought it on Audible too.

What it’s about

Eddie Flynn heads to rural Alabama to defend a young man in a capital murder trial after his first attorney goes missing in mysterious circumstances.


Another epic instalment in the Eddie Flynn legal drama series. These books just keep getting better and better.

Former con-man turned criminal defence lawyer Eddie Flynn is out of his comfort zone. He’s outside of New York working on a death penalty case in rural Alabama. Andy Dubois, a booksmart, but naïve, young black man has been accused of the murder of his young white female co-worker. The prosecuting DA, Randal Korn, is notorious for the lengths he will go to, to secure a death penalty conviction. Eddie, along with colleagues Harry, Kate and Bloch, need to stop that from happening, and ensure Andy isn’t wrongly convicted despite a police force, medical examiner, court system and political support which all backs Randal.

Andy is a really sympathetic character even on short introduction, which is good because he gets very little book time, but I was still cheering him on all the way. This is all about the dark plots afoot in Sunville County, and the uphill battle Eddie and co. face in try to get a fair trial for their client.

It was also a real joy to see the Kate Brooks and Bloch characters develop in this one. They’re really delivering on the promise established in Fifty-Fifty and bring a different perspective from Eddie.

Absolutely superb work.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
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