The Crossing Places

Dr Ruth Galloway’s debut shows she’s a main character I’d be happy to explore more mysteries with

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The Crossing Places


Elly Griffiths

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The Dr Ruth Galloway series has been recommended in a number of Facebook book groups I’m in.

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What it’s about

Two missing modern day children and the bones of an iron age child who may have been a sacrifice. Dr Ruth Galloway and DCI Harry Nelson aren’t sure if there’s a link, but letters from the kidnapper suggest ancient rites and a knowledge of archaeology may hold the key to answering the mystery.


As a forensic archaeologist Dr Ruth Galloway is more interested in deaths hundreds of years ago, but is happy to help when DCI Harry Nelson needs someone to check if bones discovered on the Norfolk salt marshes belong to a more recent missing child. The find dates back to the iron age, but Ruth quickly gets pulled into the modern mystery as the kidnapper sends letters to the police suggesting a knowledge of archaeology and a belief in ancient sacrifice.

I enjoyed this first foray into the world of Dr Galloway, and I can see why these books are so often recommended in Facebook reading groups. Dr Galloway is a good main character, intelligent yet still very human and taking on a well plotted mystery. I’m looking forward to reading other books in the series.


Rating: 4 out of 5.
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