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Review: The Space Between Us by Doug Johnstone

Publication date 2 March 2023 Standalone or series Standalone First time reading this author? No Why I picked this From the moment I heard the author mention this book at an online launch for his last Skelfs book, I knew I wanted to read it. Review copy or purchase Thank you to the author andContinue reading “Review: The Space Between Us by Doug Johnstone”

Review: Love Will Tear Us Apart by C.K. McDonnell

Publication date 9 February 2023 Standalone or series Series (third in The Stranger Times series) First time reading this author? No Why I picked this I love this series. Review copy or purchase Thank you to the author, publishers Transworld and NetGalley UK for access to this as an advance reader’s ebook. This is anContinue reading “Review: Love Will Tear Us Apart by C.K. McDonnell”

Review: Fortitude by Bruce Daisley

Book release date: 25 August 2022 Book blurb: Resilience is the buzzword of the moment. We’re told that if we have it, our lives will be happy and successful ones. If we don’t, we need to acquire it. But what if the version of resilience we’ve been peddled is a myth? Here, Sunday Times bestsellingContinue reading “Review: Fortitude by Bruce Daisley”

Review: Those People Next Door by Kia Abdullah

Book release date: 19 January 2023 Book blurb: You can choose your house. Not your neighbours. WELCOME TO YOUR DREAM HOME… Salma Khatun is extremely hopeful about Blenheim, the safe suburban development to which she, her husband and their son have just moved. Their family is in desperate need of a fresh start, and BlenheimContinue reading “Review: Those People Next Door by Kia Abdullah”

Review: 1989 by Val McDermid

Book release date: 18 August 2022 Book blurb: There’s nothing like a killer story . . . The world is changing, and Allie Burns is still on the front line, covering the stories that count. Although Allie is no longer an investigative journalist, her instincts are sharper than ever. When she discovers a lead aboutContinue reading “Review: 1989 by Val McDermid”

Review: Unleashed by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss

Book release date: 16 June 2020 Book blurb: Leadership isn’t easy. It takes grit, courage, and vision, among other things, that can be hard to come by on your toughest days. When leaders and aspiring leaders seek out advice, they’re often told to try harder. Dig deeper. Look in the mirror and own your natural-bornContinue reading “Review: Unleashed by Frances Frei and Anne Morriss”

Review: The Accomplice by Steve Cavanagh

Book release date: 21 July 2022 (hardback and ebook) Book blurb: THE MOST HATED WOMAN IN AMERICA The Sandman killings have been solved. Daniel Miller murdered fourteen people before he vanished. His wife, Carrie, now faces trial as his accomplice. The FBI, the District Attorney, the media and everyone in America believe she knew andContinue reading “Review: The Accomplice by Steve Cavanagh”

Review: The Cliff House by Chris Brookmyre

Book release date: 28 July 2022 Book blurb: One hen weekend, seven secrets… but only one worth killing for Jen’s hen party is going to be out of control… She’s rented a luxury getaway on its own private island. The helicopter won’t be back for seventy-two hours. They are alone. They think. As well asContinue reading “Review: The Cliff House by Chris Brookmyre”

Review: Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor

Book release date: 2013 Book blurb: If the whole of History lay before you, where would you go? When Dr Madeleine Maxwell is recruited by the St Mary’s Institute of Historical Research, she discovers the historians there don’t just study the past – they revisit it. But one wrong move and History will fight backContinue reading “Review: Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor”

Review: The Binding Room by Nadine Matheson

Book release date: 7 July 2022 Book blurb: In this room, no one can hear you scream… The Serial Crimes Unit are called in to investigate when a local pastor is found stabbed to death. As DI Henley assesses the crime scene, she discovers a hidden door that conceals a room set up for tortureContinue reading “Review: The Binding Room by Nadine Matheson”