Power Hour

An interesting prompt to reflect on how you prioritise your time

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Power Hour


Adrienne Herbert

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First time reading this author?


Why I picked this

I’ve often thought ‘if only I had more time’ so reading a book about how to find that time definitely appealed.

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I read this with a gifted copy courtesy of publishers Penguin and as part of a Tandem Collective readalong. This review represents my own thoughts on the book.

What it’s about

Getting up an hour earlier and using that to focus on achieving your goals can help you take control of your life.


‘If only I had more time’ is an often heard and used phrase:

  • If only I had more time to exercise
  • If only I had more time to study
  • If only I had more time to plan my day rather than just reacting

Adrienne Herbert has created a successful podcast and now book on the point that you can have more time by getting up an hour earlier. Creating a ‘power hour’ you can use to focus on achieving your goals.

Of course that won’t work for everyone. If you work shifts or have a massive commute getting up an hour earlier and getting enough sleep (as this book also recommends) may be difficult concepts to balance. But, while Adrienne is a strong believer in the value of this being the first hour of the day, the theory of making time to achieve your goals is a useful one no matter when you take it.

Despite the title much of this book is about the power of good habits at any time of the day, rather than simply what you can achieve by setting your alarm an hour earlier.

While some of the book didn’t feel as relevant to me, or at least didn’t feel like anything I haven’t heard before, there were also a lot of positive takeaways.

Thinking about how you use your time, and taking a more conscious approach to what you do with it beyond the doom scrolling is something we can all do. Maybe you do already use every minute of your day on the stuff that needs to be done, but it’s worth checking in with yourself on whether there’s something you could do without to make the time to do what you’ve always wanted to achieve.

An interesting and thought-provoking read.

I’m not a spine breaker so my copy is still pretty pristine, and in the spirit of Adrienne’s wish to share her message I’ll be offering to pass my copy on to any of my colleagues who’re looking for some inspiration to find more time.


Rating: 4 out of 5.
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