Every Last Fear

A fantastic grounded thriller managing a number of competing plotlines to deliver an enthralling conclusion.

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Every Last Fear


Alex Finlay

Standalone or series


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Why I picked this

The story sounded interesting and it had a cover quote from Karin Slaughter. As I love Karin Slaughter books I thought this was definitely worth a try.

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Thanks to the author, NetGalley UK and publishers Aries Fiction for the opportunity to read this e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

What it’s about

The Pine family’s lives are torn apart when eldest son Danny is accused and convicted of the murder of his girlfriend after a high school party. No one in the family is left the same. Dad Evan and little sister Maggie won’t let go of the investigation, chasing every little clue and embracing the opportunity for a Netflix documentary on the case. Mum Olivia focuses on youngest son Tommy, born after Danny is jailed. Middle brother Matt is pursuing his film studies at NYU and trying to forget what he saw the night the murder happened. But, Matt is pulled in even deeper when an FBI agent turns up at his door room to tell him that the rest of his family have died in Mexico. Is it an accident or did Evan and Maggie finally find evidence of the real killer?


This is a well-paced and interesting read. It switches between the present day and the weeks leading up to the ill-fated Mexico trip. Gradually revealing the reasons why the Pine family travelled, and how Danny’s murder conviction impacted them all. Matt is a reluctant investigator, his grief explains how he overlooks some of the oddities which give the readers early clues to something more sinister going on. Meanwhile FBI agent Sarah Keller, the white collar investigator who is pulled into the case because of a tangential link between Evan Pine and a money laundering operation involving his former accountancy firm, lends the whole thing a degree of solidity.

The author handles a number of different plotlines well. Gradually revealing the full story and developing the characters so that their actions in response to each reveal are at least consistent if not what I could picture myself doing in a similar situation. Everything comes together neatly to present an enthralling but grounded story building up to the final climax. A fantastic thriller and highly recommended – see I knew Karin Slaughter wouldn’t get it wrong.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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