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Dark and Shallow Lies

An immersive story of magic and secrets in the bayou

Book title

Dark and Shallow Lies


Ginny Myers Sain

Standalone or series


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Why I picked this

I love the cover.

Review copy or purchase

I read this with a gifted copy courtesy of publishers Electric Monkey and as part of a Tandem Collective readalong. This review represents my own thoughts on the book.

What it’s about

In a town full if psychics why can no one find out what happened to a missing girl? When Grey returns to La Cachette for the summer she’s desperate to find out what happened to her best friend Elora. The truth is far more than she bargained for.


I know a book has been excellent when I’ve felt immersed in it. And, while a few days of warm days in the  late Scottish summer are nothing compared to midsummer in a Louisiana bayou I feel that I’ve been living in the heat and humidity of La Cachette. Thank you Ginny Myers Sain for creating this world.

La Cachette is a small town, inaccessible without a flatboat, and home to an old alligator called Willie Nelson (it took me a few looks before I spotted Willie’s eye peeking out of a corner of the beautifully designed cover). The town was founded by people seeking refuge. Largely psychics run out of other towns by the churchgoers the residents largely make a living selling palm readings and star charts to tourists.

Grey is one of a group of teenagers known as the Summer Children. All born in the summer of one year, they have all inherited abilities from their parents. Grey is the odd one out. She doesn’t have a psychic ability, and she only lives in La Cachette in the summer months, spending the rest of the year in Little Rock with her dad

Her best friend is Elora. Born on the same day at almost the same moment to two different women, they’ve always been as close as sisters. But, Elora is missing and Grey’s returned to La Cachette determined to find her before the summer is through. What she finds is that La Cachette has many secrets and she might not like the truths she uncovers.

 With a thread of magic throughout Dark and Shallow Lies creates a suspense-filled world. As a semi-outsider Grey shows us both the parts of La Cachette she loves, and the shock of discovering everything that has been hidden. With twists and turns right up to the end this was a great read and I really enjoyed it.


Rating: 5 out of 5.
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