Blinding Lies

A promising start with good characters and a lot to like.

Book title

Blinding Lies


Amy Cronin

Standalone or series

First in a planned trilogy

First time reading this author?


Why I picked this

I haven’t read any other books based in Cork that I can remember, so wanted to see what it was like.

Review copy or purchase

Access to a free ebook to review via publisher Poolbeg Press and Book Sirens. This is an honest and voluntary review..

What it’s about

Anna Clarke works as part of the support team for the Garda office in Cork. She sees lots of files about crimes cross her desks, and she is able to use her analytical skills to point out patterns and trends to pass to the detectives. When she gets a case which points to one of her childhood friends as the main murder suspect Anna is shocked. Could the Kate she knows really murder someone? Can Anna get to the truth and help her friend?


International mysteries, an abused woman on the run, the son of a famed crime family dead, and everyone’s after one woman – one of Anna Clarke’s childhood best friends. Could the Kate she remembers really be a murderer? Anna doesn’t think so, but as she’s support staff for the Garda rather than real police what can she do about it?

Perhaps not surprisingly Anna ends up doing quite a lot. If she didn’t she wouldn’t be a very interesting main character for this book! Thankfully she is interesting and easy to root for. A few characters refer to her as Nancy Drew, initially in a critical way, but it’s a fitting description of this plucky young amateur investigator.

Tension remains high throughout much of the book and it’s well plotted as we gradually discover the many threads which led to Kate being accused of murder. This is a solid, enjoyable read for lovers of crime fiction. There’s a bit too much detail and explanation after the big reveal of the criminal behind it all, a fair chunk of writing I could happily have gone without which spoiled the climax for me. Still there’s much to like here, and a sense of an author finding her feet. I’ll definitely look out for future stories to see if they live up to the promise shown here.


Rating: 3 out of 5.
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