The Girl in the Missing Poster

A solid thriller to start 2021. Highly recommended reading.

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The Girl in the Missing Poster


Barbara Copperthwaite

Standalone or series


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Why I picked this

The idea of an identical twin searching for her missing sister was really intriguing. No need for any fancy age progression software when you could see what she would look like now in a mirror. I wanted to see what the author would do with this scenario.

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Review copy via publisher Bookouture and NetGalley UK in exchange for an honest review.

What it’s about

Stella is searching for answers to the 25-year-old mystery of what happened after her identical twin Leila left their dad’s birthday party, never to be seen again. Every year on the anniversary she puts up missing posters and follows every lead, hoping to finally get an answer. The 25th anniversary is different though as a new Netflix documentary profiling her sister’s story may be stirring up the past.


This is a well-written and well-paced thriller. The main characters are written convincingly so my heart was really in my mouth fearing for their safety in the heat of the action.

Stella is hard-hearted and stubbornly independent. But, with the story told from her point of view the reader is given the chance to understand her and the choices she make. While I wouldn’t always agree with them, they’re convincingly told as being true to her character.

There’s a good use of red herrings as well. Setting up some convincing theories for the readers who like to play armchair detective, without ever spoiling the ending. I had lots of theories and am really glad none of them turned out to be right I’m pleased to say the author had me fooled.

What was also really good was the handling of the more potentially outlandish theories, which were headed off at the pass early on by having Stella name some of the things said on social media. Such as the idea that Stella was the one who’d died and Leila had taken her place (not a spoiler, it’s handled up front early on to make sure the reader isn’t pulled into unreliable narrator territory.

A solid thriller to start 2021. Highly recommended reading.


Rating: 4 out of 5.
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