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Review: All the Dangerous Things by Stacy Willingham

Book release date: 26 January 2023

Book blurb: Today is day 364.

364 days since my last night of sleep.

364 days since my son, Mason, was taken from his bed.

The police have stopped looking. My husband wants me to move on.

But I need to keep his story alive.

Someone knows what happened to my son.
And I’m going to find them.

It’s been a year since Isabelle Drake’s son, Mason, disappeared from his bedroom. Since then, she hasn’t had a full night of sleep. Everyone else has moved on – the detectives, the press, her husband – but she can’t rest until she knows the truth.

Teaming up with true crime podcaster Waylon Spencer, Isabelle investigates her son’s case. But Waylon has motives of his own and as long-forgotten memories of Isabelle’s past resurface, doubt begins to cloud her sleepless nights.

What happened to Mason Drake?

What if the past is better left buried?

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Published by Lisa Potter

A professional communicator who loves reading for leisure and learning.

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