Review: Near Mortal by Julia Alty

Book release date: 17 July 2021

Book blurb: Isn’t it time you rethought immortality?

In a future where Earth’s continents have collided, eradicating a majority of the landmass, cultural restructuring has become imperative. As a genetic abnormality is exposed, causing a sub-section of the human race to live centuries longer than a typical lifespan, there is a divide between this new species and the rest of humanity. Mandy, having fought against this segregation for over a decade, is looking for a solution to unite her kind with the rest of the world.

On assignment to seduce the only true Immortal known in existence, Mandy quickly learns determining friend from foe can be a troublesome affair. Get your copy of Near Mortal today and join Mandy on her life altering adventure!

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