WWW Wednesday #4 – 24 February 2021

It’s WWW Wednesday. I have managed to finish five books in the past week, but I’m also being a bit overambitious with current reads and upcoming sign-ups on Pigeonhole online book club. I might need to book a flexi day just to catch up on my planned reads!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam A. Stevens on Taking on a World of Words.

The three Ws are:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’re read next?

Truth Be Told by Kia Abdullah

A very thought-provoking look at male rape within the cultural confines of an elite boarding school, a status-focused family and the Muslim community. The story is compelling and fascinating as we examine different reactions and the perspectives of both of the teenage boys involved. This is all about the shades of grey. Thanks to Pigeonhole for the chance to read this one.

Plume by Will Wiles

This came in my first A Box of Stories subscription. I’m only a few pages in so no real reflections on it yet.

The Friend by Charlie Gallagher

What would you do if someone handed you the chance to kill your child’s abuser and said they’ll clean up after you? This is my current NetGalley read. It’s a compelling start and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

The new dog walking listen on audiobook. It’s lovely to hear the former First Lady talk about her early years. A determined and forthright child the early bedrock of a strong and resilient woman can already be seen.

The Power of Ignorance by Dave Trott

Another excellent collection of real-life stories showing how problem solving and creative thinking means not just accepting what other people tell you is true. Full review.

Lightseekers by Femi Kayode

An excellent novel exploring mob mentality and manipulation in a small Nigerian town. Full review.

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

A fun retelling of Norse myths performed by the narrator. Full review.

Call Me Mummy by Tina Baker

When five-year-old Tonya is kidnapped, Mummy just wants her to love and appreciate her new life. Meanwhile Tonya’s really mum is pilloried for not fitting the media’s view of what motherhood should be. Full review.

Blinding Lies by Amy Cronin

A decent debut thriller. Set in Cork there’s gangsters, international intrigue and thrills a plenty. While it’s my only recently finished read which didn’t hit five stars for me, it is still a good book. Full review.

The Castaways by Lucy Clarke

Light Perpetual by Francis Spufford

Dog Days by Ericka Waller

I’ve been a bit overenthusiastic on Pigeonhole and signed up to these three reads which all start at some point over the next week. Looks like I’ll need to have as good a reading week as I did this past week to keep up with myself.

Have you read any of these? Do you have any recommendations for me to add to my TBR list? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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A professional communicator who loves reading for leisure and learning.

10 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #4 – 24 February 2021

    1. It’s hard subject matter, but really well-paced. It’s the kind of book I find I have to really think about my gut reactions to what characters are saying. It’d be great for a book group discussion, but only a book group that trusts each other enough to be honest about personal reflections. Reading via Pigeonhole is great because I can read other people’s reflections in the margins and there’s not a live to and fro so it doesn’t get fractious.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Call Me Mummy is published tomorrow (25 February). I sneaked in just under the line before it closed for reviews on NetGalley.


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