2021 book challenge

New year, new reading challenge

I have a bit of a mixed success rate with reading challenges. I always find it hard to decide how many books to aim for in the new year, because I’ve not always kept the most accurate record of how many I read the year before.

For example, according to my Goodreads profiles in 2016 I set a challenge of 47 books and only read two – which is definitely absolute rubbish. It’s a rare week when I only read two books, never mind a whole year.

Then in 2018 I read 32 out of a target of 48 (I apparently didn’t bother with a 2017 challenge). That still seems unlikely, and I suspect reflects that I kept forgetting to add physical copy books on to Goodreads.

So, in 2019 I set a low challenge of just 15 books, and ended up reading 58. That seems much more like it.

In 2020 I went with 65, adding a bit of a stretch challenge to the 58 read the year before, and I smashed it again with a total of 86 books (including 16 re-reads).

So, for 2021 I’m aiming for a round 100. That feels like more of a challenge, as I’ve definitely read a lot more this year, so it will take a concerted effort to get to 100.

I’m not adding any themes to that challenge. Book titles beginning with the letters of your name seems to be a popular route people are going this year. I like to be able to re-read books, or pick up something which catches my interest or follows up on something else I’ve read or watched, so for me it will all be about volume. I’ve signed up with both the online book club Pigeonhole and as a reviewer on NetGalley UK, which I hope will help me to keep my reading more varied, and I’ve started this blog to give me a better overview of what I’m reading and a place to deposit book reviews and related posts.

Whatever your reading challenge is for 2021, I wish you all the best.

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